Good Food & O2 Producers for now & future

Food Forests – Diverse planting of food plants and trees to emulate a real forest for producing nutritious good food and Precious natural O2, providing sustainable rural livelihood.

Rural Empowerment

Creates employment and entrepreneurship opportunities improving farmers income and rural economy.

Good Food

Plants are grown in symbiotic relation without using harmful chemicals resulting in nutritious Good Food for the producers and consumers.

Healthy Environment

High density tree plantation produces more Oxygen & helps Carbon sequestration, reducing global warming and improves ground water.

A ‘Food Forest’ is a diverse planting of food plants and trees, considering symbiotic relation between the plants to emulate a real forest — the ecosystems and patterns, found in nature. Food forests help make the soils live, produces more Oxygen and need minimum intervention.

Why Food Forests?

As We all know, trees are needed to capture carbon (carbon sequestration) to help reduce the effects of climate change, so we need to plant trees. Hope you are also aware that small farmers are at loss leading a very poor standard of life, and “we need good nutritional food“ to boost our immunity for leading a healthy active life. Not only do we have the healthiest plants around, we have a group group of people who love plants – and to help others!

But who will plant or who can plant trees or produce good food without a sustainable income? 

 Food Forests by Saroma Foundation are a solution to both the problems “ to reduce global warming” while bringing “good food “ with good returns on investment!

Support or Create a Food Forest in Tamilnadu

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