Food Forests through natural farming – an ecologically sustainable agriculture method can correct the climate imbalances, sustain millions of livelihoods and helps reduce global warming.

As We all know, trees are needed to capture carbon (carbon sequestration) to help reduce the effects of climate change, so we need to plant trees. Hope you are also aware that small farmers are at loss leading a very poor standard of life, and “we need good nutritional food“ to boost our immunity for leading a healthy active life. 

But who will plant or who can plant trees or produce good food without a sustainable income? 

 Food Forests are a solution to both the problems “ to reduce global warming” while bringing “good food “ with good returns” on investment.

Food forests through natural farming methods – an ecologically sustainable agriculture model — growing trees together with crop diversity without harmful practices, creates a stable micro-climate for crops, ensuring nutritional food & food security, reducing poverty & environmental degradation with minimal use of resources. This can correct the climate imbalances, sustain millions of livelihoods, help reduce global warming, improve ground water level and recharge aquifers 

We at Saroma Foundation are working on a sustainable food system, empowering farmers as entrepreneurs developing “Food Forests” for producing “Good Food @ Fair price” making positive social and environmental impact. 

Your support or involvement makes farmers’ lives better and fuels our journey towards making “sustainable food systems a reality”.